Hugibo Mate - Yogibo Canada
Hugibo Mate - Yogibo Canada
Hugibo Mate - Yogibo Canada
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    Hugibo Mate


      Hugibo Mate is a bite size of fun, comfort and love, and the perfect companion for any adventure.

      Hugibo, or his real name, Herbert Ulysses Garret BO, is a one happy fellow that really wants to help spread joy and love all over the world. He truly believes that a hug can cure ANYTHING, and he is on a mission to prove it. If you haven't had the chance to meet him.......... you can now get a taste of our loveable lounge pal, with this Hugibo Mate. One look at this guy will turn your frown upside down and make you feel instantly better. Hugibo Mate is a travel sized taste of comfort and fun, for all. Bring him with you everywhere to help brighten up your day. You can put him on your desk for some vocational encouragement, or put him on your shelves, alongside your favorite books and movies and get some good vibes anytime you need it, and even a little taste of a nice virtual hug. Or, to spice up all of your long car trips, glue him to your dashboard. He loves riding shotgun and now that he finally got his prescription for his new awesome glasses you can even ask him to be the captain of navigation, guiding you to your destination, in style. Hugibo Mate is made with Yogibos near frictionless beads and is all dressed up with our special cotton/spandex cover to create a more life-like feel, plus you get to test out a little shot of Yogibo's awesomeness.


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