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Nap X - Yogibo Canada
Nap X
Nap X

    Nap X

    CAD 35.00

      Neck support, check. Attached sleeping mask, check..complete comfort while traveling, check!

      We always begin our trips and vacations with the upmost positivity and sense of adventure and excitement, but halfway through your travel your neck is aching, the sun is shining directly in your eyes and you just want something soft to cuddle with, at least for a few minutes. Taking a quick power nap seems almost impossible, but wait.. you remembered to pack your Nap X…phew. You pull it out of your bag, wrap it around your neck and ahhh you can already feel you muscles relax and that softness on your cheeks makes you feel instantly refreshed. Now if you could just do something about that pesky sun in your eyes. We’ve got you covered, the Nap X has a built-in eye mask that can be easily stored and pulled out as needed. And the big bonus is that you didn’t even have to add another item to your packing list. Nap times are a fundamental staple in most countries; we took a page from their books when designing this. Naps should be nothing if not refreshing and comforting and it’s pretty impossible to be refreshed if you wake up with a crick in your neck and drool on your lap. You can now drool on your Nap X and once you can get to a washing machine just throw it right in and get that fresh smell of freshly cleaned laundry seeping into your dreams.

      Dimensions 12" x 12" x 6"
      Removable Outer Cover Yes


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