Care & Maintenance

 We got you covered

Taking care of your Yogibo is simple, and following these basic instructions will help ensure your Yogibo loves you back for a long time. Yogibos can feel stiff when you first get them home, but they will soften with play. Here's what you should do if your Yogibo feels too soft or is soiled. Please note that this is the only place for official Yogibo care instructions. We can't be held responsible for content on other sites.

We also sell additional covers and refills which you can access by clicking here.

Come Clean!

To clean your Yogibo, zip off the outer cover and wash in cold water with like colors. Tumble dry low. Turn the dry cover inside out and place on your Yogibo by matching the corners.Flip the cover right side out, making sure the corners of the cover and Yogibo still match. Carefully stuff the pillow into the cover, stretching the cover to fit. Zip the cover a little at a time while continuing to stuff.

Sometimes liquid can get into the inner liner. If that happens, remove the cover and let the inner air dry. You can speed up the process by having a fan blow on it. While the beads are non-porous, moving the bag regularly will aerate the beads and ensure uniform drying.

Is your Yogibo hungry?

If your Yogibo is getting a little soft, feed it with replacement beads to keep it full and happy. Refill beads are available at all Yogibo stores and can also be purchased online here.

We're Here to Help

With normal use and care your Yogibo will last for several years. There is a warranty on the zipper and seams. This warranty is applicable for the continental US and Canada only.

If you have any questions not answered here, give us a buzz at (877) 964-4266.

Is Yogibo OK with Dogs and Cats?

Pets love Yogibo! Our bean bags are paws & claws friendly!