In the Workplace

"One of the first things clients and candidates see when they come to our office are our Yogibos. It immediately distinguishes our office from the other bland, vanilla offices that professionals have grown oh-so-accustomed to. We break the mold of those boring offices, and we have Yogibo, in large part, to thank." NetProspex
While office chairs serve their purpose, we can all agree that they're not exactly fun or super comfortable. Many companies and their employees agree and are looking for something better, and they've discovered the huge benefits of using Yogibo in the work place!
Yogibos are perfect for the office because they can be used in a variety of ways. Creative firms use them to fill their conference room as couches and to furnish their brainstorm rooms. Many financial companies will put them in their lobbies to create a contemporary impression. There are even many startups giving them to their employees to use as desk chairs for programming and more!

"Whether it's focusing on our own work, or sitting together in a team meeting, our Yogibo's provide a perfect, unique way to get out of our basic computer chairs, plop down on a cushy Yogibo, and really think outside of the box in a comfortable and fun way." - NetProspex

There has been a big trend of companies looking to set themselves apart by offering unique amenities for their employees. Some have rock climbing walls or foosball and ping pong tables. Heck, we've even heard of full-on craft cocktail classes! At the end of it all, when your employees have a way to relax while getting work done, productivity goes up! Yogibo is the absolute best office furniture for a cutting edge company.

Office workers tend to underestimate how important it is to take care of their back. Good posture is key, and slouching over in an uncomfortable office chair is not the answer. Yogibos are used in many physical therapy and therapeutic centers around the country because the beads shape to your body. This helps relieve pressure on your back and allows you to keep a decent posture!

Another place that Yogibo excels are at medical offices. Pediatric and dentist offices will buy them for their younger clients. Our products are also used by centers such as the Child Advocacy Center for interviews with children.

Because we want to cater to everybody, we offer a variety of furniture that is completely customizable. You can buy some now, and if you want to add more to it later, you totally can! How many other furniture companies can say that? Plus, with so many colors, you can customize the setting to perfectly fit your company's personality.

We offer volume pricing and products to fit every budget. For more information, give us a call at (877) 964-4266 or email us at Your business will be glad you did!