Our Story

Yogibo was launched in Nashua, New Hampshire back in 2009, taking our small, creative team and reinvented bean bags on the road.

Discovering that folks loved our new age bean bags as much as we do, we had to find the right place to house all of this comfort. Opening with just one concept store in 2010 in Natick, Massachusetts, we have grown to over 120 Yogibo retail showrooms with a very strong online presence in the United State, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and more! You can now discover Yogibo's awesomeness all over the place; including schools, dorms, museums, conferences, and maybe your home. 

Our purpose is to help you feel more in tune. In tune with yourself, your space, and those around you. At Yogibo, we believe that when you feel relaxed and comfortable, both physically and mentally, you’re able to truly be yourself and enjoy even the smallest moments. Our products are designed to not only offer a one of a kind feeling but are also versatile, functional, and modular with many sensory and health benefits. So you can curate a selection of Yogibo essentials to help you feel your best in any space!

Our Promise

To create a positive impact on people's lives through unique connection, functional design, and sensory experiences.

For families and individuals looking for that one of a kind feel with functional design and sensory experiences, Yogibo helps you feel more in tune with yourself, your space, and those around you. Our line of furniture and lifestyle essentials offer health benefits, relaxation, and fun at an accessible price. With vibrant colors and contemporary designs, our award-winning products bring comfort and joy to any space. Whether you’re looking for a gift or a piece for yourself, Yogibo has something for everyone across our extensive selection of furniture, home decor, bedding, toys, and aromatherapy.

Be More You

In the whole wide world, there is no one like you. You are special. The story of you is unique and one worth hearing. To celebrate you, we designed a few things that help you feel more comfortable, supported, and relaxed. Each piece is versatile, movable and changes shape to help you be more you.

From Our Founder

“The idea of Yogibo started by trying to solve a problem: How to make pregnancy comfortable. My wife and I were in the search for the right solution and nothing seemed to be the right fit. Instead of settling for  second best, Yogibo was born! We soon realized that many people were interested and excited to 'discover the feel’ that Yogibo had, so In 2009 Yogibo was officially created not just as a product but also as a company. We wanted to bring that 'one of a kind feel’ to every aspect of life! Relaxing at home, outdoors, at work, basically everywhere. We discovered that our products had such a positive impact on people’s lives and were also a help to those with sensory issues, chronic pains, anxiety and more. Today we pride ourselves on creating products that allow you to feel more in tune with yourself and the world around you while also creating an experience where we at Yogibo are in turn fully in tuned to you and the community."

Yogibo CEO Eyal Levy