Yogibo For Teachers

Educators are often the most important people in our lives, and we want you to be comfortable and happy teaching your students. Studies have shown that classrooms that favor more creative open seating work much better at stimulating students' minds. At Yogibo, we're all for switching things up and getting creative, and we think our line of products is just the thing your classroom has been looking for.

Your School Is Better With Yogibo.

Like the best kind of ninja, Yogibos work best when you don't even know they're there. Because Yogibos adapt to anybody that sits in them, it only takes a short time before you simply forget you're sitting on anything and believe you're floating on a cloud. And when it comes time to study and get the lesson plan going, your students will pay attention if they feel at peace.

Our bags pass the CA 117 Fire Code. Peace of mind!

Field Day? Yogibo even has outdoor options that are water-resistant & UV-safe.

Our bags have zero pressure points, perfect for those with sensory needs.

No weight limits for our products, they're designed to have multiple people on them!

All covers are washable, because we know school can be a messy place.

All Yogibos are designed to work with each other like the most efficient group project!

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