Yogibo At School

Schools and educators continually strive to create unique environments and curricula that encourage their students to learn. More and more, they are incorporating Yogibo bean bags as integral pieces of achieving that goal.

By far, the number one use is in special education, especially with students who have ADHD, are on the spectrum, or have sensory-related needs. Teachers and specialists use our products to create areas where students can receive calming sensory feedback and focus on the tasks at hand. Schools have also realized the financial benefits of Yogibos, as they can be a much more cost-effective alternative to expensive specialized equipment.

Many of our products also find their way to the school library or student lounge to create discussion, reading and study areas that are inviting and comfortable. Plus, the modular products let students easily move and combine pieces to create their own personal spaces.

Our products are also a great option for community centers and after-school programs. Yogibos are available in a variety of colors, creating a fun, comfortable and versatile area that will become an instant favorite. With covers that are durable, removable, and machine-washable, they will hold up to even the most demanding environments.