Yogibo Double Max

Indoor Dark Grey


Our Biggest, Most Versatile Beanbag.

Why You’ll Love The Double Max

  • Spacious Seating For Up To Four.
  • Multiple Seating Configurations.
  • Break Away Seating Design.

Product Dimensions: 70 x 78 x 24 inches
Product Weight: 40 lbs

Shipping Dimensions:

2 packages of 25 x 25 x 46 inches

A Double cover is included in one of the boxes

Shipping Weight: 53 lbs

Outer Cover: 89% Cotton / 11% Spandex.

Liner: 87% Polyester / 13% Spandex.

Fill: 100% EPS Beads.

Machine Wash delicate with like colors. External Cover Only. Do not bleach. Dry flat in the shade. Do not iron. Not for wet use. 

Larger Than Life Relaxation

All a Max's soothing, adaptive benefits are multiplied in the Double Max, so the whole family can enjoy with room to spare. 

Multiple Seating Modes

Up against a wall as a couch, flat as a bed, or vertically as a massive chair. Furniture you can truly customize on a whim.

Break-Away Seating Design

The Double Max consists of two Max inners and one double cover. Single covers can be added for optional individualized seating.

A Real Double Take.

The soothing comfort of our patented dual-liner design and responsive filling is doubled up for large-scale, next-level comfort. The Double Max accommodates multiple people while allowing the individual an unparalleled lounging experience that only our comfort system can provide.