Tablo X - Yogibo Canada
Tablo X - Yogibo Canada
Tablo X - Yogibo Canada

    Tablo X

    CAD 39.90

      The ultimate Tablet stand, no matter how you use it, or, where you decide to bring it.

      Become the master of your own geeky destiny with a tablet holder that is as versatile as you are. With almost as many features as the gadget itself, this holder is just begging you to bring your tablet with you, everywhere. A long boring car drive will now be transformed into something like your own personal- traveling- movie theater, with a seat strap that is perfectly designed to fit on the back of any head rest to give all the back seat drivers in your life something better to do than bug the driver, like watch a movie. Once you reach your destination you can easily stow your Tablet in the built in storage pocket, made with you in mind, no more ‘oh gee’ I just dropped my Tablet, please, please don’t let it be broken. If that wasn’t enough the Tablo X also has a removable and washable cover, so feel free, even encouraged, to eat and drink and play to your Giga-heart’s content. Because, well, who doesn’t like to eat a snack and have a sip of something cool while surfing the web, or finishing up homework. No worries, once you start to notice it getting a little sticky just zip off the cover and throw it in with your clothes on laundry day.


      • Removable Outer Cover:
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