Traybo H2O


Multifunctional bamboo bath tray.

We all know that being in or around water actively makes us calmer, and Science knows that too! But sitting in a bathtub isn't always comfortable. More often than not, we just find ourselves getting bored and pruned. This is where Yogibo comes in to put some H2-OH! in your aquatic activities. The Traybo H2O is an adjustable bath tray that can change its size to accommodate any bathtub! This fantastic tray even has unique grooves and compartments on the top specifically designed to hold everything you need to elevate your next spa soak. This handy bath tray can organize and support everything you need, whether it’s a tablet, a phone, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or even a snack plate. Made of elegant, eco-friendly bamboo with a smooth golden finish, with this helpful tray, you may never want to take a shower again!